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Coalvest is a coal trading company a subsidiary of the Grainvest group.

About Coalvest

Coalvest is a coal trading company which was formed in 2007 as a subsidiary of the Grainvest group a privately owned and managed commodities trading group based and operating in South Africa. Coalvest currently procures, markets, sells and distributes steam and metallurgical coal in the South African market. The company has since inception had ambitions to grow and become a processor and producer of coal to the local and the international markets. Our strategy is fourfold ensuring we drive sustained growth in the market through increased access to more tradable coal volumes for supply to other markets such as electricity, Petroleum and Steel.

We plan to achieve this firstly by increasing our procurement quotas with our suppliers. Secondly by securing run-off mine production for processing through third party leased or owned coal processing wash plants. Thirdly through investments in coal mines with funding and market needs. Lastly by means of acquisitions of coal prospecting and mining licenses from third party right holders and furthermore through submissions of coal prospecting and exploration applications with the view of future development of coal mining operations.

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